retro sunglasses trend

Retro SUNGLASSES a Hot trend

Retro SUNGLASSES a Hot trend

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Retro SUNGLASSES a Hot trend

Retro SUNGLASSES a Hot trend

Hello and Welcome to my blog!sunglass 6

Hope your day is going well.

Summer is here and so is the bright sunshine

protect your eyes and look good too. With these so cool sunglasses!

retro sunglasses a hot trend

retro sunglasses trend

love the hearts and polka dots so cool


love the big bold frames

          Have you noticed more and more people

                 wearing  retro sunglasses?                                                     retro sunglasses a hot trend retro sunglasses a hot trend


                       They look so COOL, so fashionable

                                                                                  it’s a Hot Trend

retro sunglasses a hot trend

love the dark glasses and red lipstick

They are everywhere!

You can find them in thrift stores,

flea markets or at the department stores.

add a scarf for a cute look

add a scarf for a cute look

       The trend is so hot, and the look is so hip.

They are so easy to pull off, add lipstick and a scarf

for a quick put together look!

SUNGLASSES look great with a printed sundress or t shirt and jeans. They rock at the beach or poolside! You will look so good with this look! and get lots of compliments!

Retro SUNGLASSES come in all shapes and sizes, you can find round frames,

heart shaped frames, tortoise shell, and let’s not forget the cat’s eye style.

I think the darker the lens the cooler the look!

Invest in a cool  hipster pair! or a GLAMOROUS DIVA PAIR!

 or go for Fun and Flirty , you can  be mysterious and

you can wear them year round!


What do you think about the retro

sunglasses trend?

love it?  or   hate it?


send me a picture of your favorite pair of vintage sunglasses I will post it here!

Have a Shady day!

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