menopause THE musical HUMOROUS! must see!

MENOPAUSE the MUSICAL Video Clip HUMOROUS! must see!

MENOPAUSE the MUSICAL Video Clip HUMOROUS! must see!

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Menopause the Musical Video Clip Humorous! must see!

Hilarious Menopause Musical Video uplifting humor

I was surfing the internet, and came across this hilarious video clip on you tube.  I sat there thinking hmm this is perfect to post on my blog. After all, the theme of my blog is women over 50, and of course, we do the whole menopause thing here!

If you ever feel you are the only woman in the world with crazy menopause symptoms.

Or have had hot flashes that are so out of control, you check to see if your hair is on fire. Or a mood swing that was like an out of body experience. This is a funny way to look at the whole menopause experience, and the scary realization is that there are millions of women, just like us roaming the planet! lol

MENOPAUSE the MUSICAL Video Clip Humorous! MUST SEE!

It’s a short clip. I promise! You have to take the time to see this. It will lift your spirits for sure!

If you like it, and want to see the whole musical, you can find  it on you tube!

MENOPAUSE THE MUSICAL Video Clip Humorous! Must see!

So? …What did you think?

Did you like it? Did you hate it? Did you check out more on you tube?

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