make a CREATE a MEMORY Bench

Make this easy “Create a Memory” Bench

make this easy "create a memory" benchMake this easy “Create a Memory” Bench

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make this easy CREATE a MEMORY Bench

beach theme bench

Are you looking for an easy craft project to do with a child?

Check this out you can

Make this easy “Create a Memory” Bench.

My 4 year old grand daughter Khloe loves going to the beach. Along with that she also loves picking up sea shells. The problem is, you are limited to what you can do with these little treasures once their  home. So this bench was a great opportunity to use these shells. Her Dad had some scrap pieces of wood left over from another home improvement job.

hot flash

sea shells from the beach


make this easy create a memory bench

hand prints


make this easy create a memory bench

painting is fun for kids

make this easy create a memory bench

fun painting with Dad








He simply nailed the wood pieces together. She was excited to paint the bench with her Dad. After the paint dried Khloe and her Dad used a different color paint dipped their hands into the paint and put their hand prints onto the bench. Then we all glued the seashells onto the bench. It was a great bonding experience. She talked about each shell she remembered finding, and the fun time we all had at the beach.

make this easy create a memory bench

beach memory bench

I had some glass stones left over from another project that she also glued on.

This child’s create a memory bench, is easy to do.

It is a great way to remember a special day. You can create a memory bench

from any occasion. It is a creative project to use souveniers you may pick up from a trip.

You can create any theme that inspires you. A family camping trip, a day at the beach, a birthday, any event you can imagine!

make this create a memory bench

Khloe is so proud of her bench

create this make a memory bench

Khloe and Dad

Spend some quality bonding time with a child and create a home made craft that they will cherish. It also gives everyone bragging rights. My Granddaughter is so proud of her bench .

She is proud to show off her project.                              make this create a memory bech

And is makes for a cute conversation piece.

She actually uses the bench to enjoy her snacks on, or simply share a seat with a friend.

memory bench


easy make this create a memory bench



I hope this creative craft inspires you to                                                       make this easy "Create a Memory" bench

Make this easy “Create a Memory ” Bench

so what do you think?

Love it? Thinking of your own theme?

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