Love HOT DOGS? Take this fun fact quiz

Love HOT DOGS? Take this fun fact Quiz

Love HOT DOGS? Take this fun fact Quiz

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Hello Hot Flashers! and WELCOME to my Blog!

Hot Dogs are a popular summer food. I am sure everyone ate at least one this summer. Whether you prefer your hot dogs grilled steamed or boiled, with mustard, ketchup, relish, sauerkraut, onions or everything else imaginable.

Hot Dogs are the undisputed summer time favorite!

I have some fun facts about hot dogs that you may not know!

Love HOT DOGS? Take this fun fact quiz

America loves to eat HOT DOGS

so my question to you is

Love HOT DOGs? Take this fun fact Quiz

question no. 1

What is the standard length of a HOT DOG?

A) 6 inches  B) 10 inches  C) 9 inches  D) 12 inches

question no.2

Which U.S. city ate the most HOT DOGS last year?

A) Detroit  B) New York  C) Boston  D)  Los Angeles

Love HOT DOGS? take this hot dog quiz

so many toppings to choose from!

question no.3

What is America’s Favorite HOT DOG topping?

A) Relish B) Mustard C) Ketchup  D) Chili

question no. 4

How did the HOT DOG get it’s name?

A) Early German venders originally called HOT DOGS ” dachshund sausages”

B) The original creator of the HOT DOG was named Charles Dachshund

C) Hot spices were originally used in the recipe

D) It was originally a treat for dogs

question no.5

What is not a CHICAGO style HOT DOG?

A) tomato wedges

B) pickles

C) celery salt

D) ketchup

question no. 6

What is the record for HOT DOGS eaten at the NATHAN’S International HOT DOG Eating CONTEST?

A) 101

B) 78

C) 69

D) 121

question n0. 7

The calories in one plain all beef HOT DOG is equal to ?           Love HOT DOG? take this fun fact quiz

A) 5 slices of bacon

B) one 12 inch slice of pepperoni pizza

C) large order of French fries

D) 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream

answers here

  1. A
  2. D  Los Angeles
  3. B  71 % of Americans prefer mustard, followed by ketchup, onions, chili and relish
  4. A HOT DOGS were called dachshund sausages in the late 1800’s
  5. D
  6. C Joey Chestnut holds the men’s record for 69 consumed in 10 minutes
  7. B the USDA says both equal 250 calories


0-2 questions right FRANKLY not so GREAT!

3-5 questions right HOT DIGGITY! almost a HOT DOG EXPERT!

6-7 questions right WEINERS CIRCLE!  You ARE A HOT DOG CHAMPION!

Enjoy a HOT DOG and celebrate!

Hope you enjoyed this fun Hot Dog QUIZ

Thanks for visiting my blog! Have a Hot DIGGITY DOG DAY! JT

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