Crochet Tops Fashionable or Frumpy?

Crochet Tops Fashionable or Frumpy?

Crochet Tops Fashionable or Frumpy?

trendy crochet tops

Crochet tops Fashionable or Frumpy?

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Hello Hot Flashers, WELCOME to My Blog!

I have a passion for crochet. I lost my mind over crochet tops. Totally obsessed! I love the detail and appreciate the workmanship involved. I love the Vintage knits and the current ones.

Crochet is so pretty and come in many different patterns and designs.

You can wear a crochet top over anything!  Lightweight and comfortable to wear, Even for us women experiencing our Hot Flashes! The see through designs allow for what you are wearing to peak through.

Bonus feature crochet can hide figure flaws, a bulging mid drift or sagging arms. It can dress up a plain tank top. And looks good with jeans, a skirt or a dress. However some tops look trendy and fashionable. Yet some crochet tops have a frumpy look about them, and are very unflattering!

Crochet tops fashionable or frumpy?

beware the frumpy tops

Crochet Tops Fashionable or Frumpy?

look younger with the right fit!


crochet tops fashionable or frumpy?


hot flash

What ‘s your thoughts on the

crochet tops trend?       Crochet tops fashionable or frumpy?

Tell me Are

Crochet tops fashionable or Frumpy?

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