Hi my name is JT…….and WELCOME to My Blog WEHOTFLASH

a magazine style blog for women over 50                                                 


beauty, fashion, health, food, humor and inspirations!

I am a woman of  “A CERTAIN AGE”

you know, a woman over 50 .

I am not happy with the way my age group is labeled,

or for that matter stereotyped!

I am called midlife, baby boomer, menopausal.  I am definitely

not ready to be put out to pasture! I cannot identify myself as someone who is “AGING” why is my age group the only people aging?

Isn’t everyone on the planet aging? My brain definitely does not know how old my body is!

WEHOTFLASH…….spiraled from many ideas, it is a blog for women over a certain age…that age, that you have had, or currently do, experience HOT FLASHES, yet another milestone in our life as women!

I am vibrant, I am fun loving and playful, I am HOTFLASHING through life, and I am on a life journey as is everyone else….although I refuse to be stereotyped as an apron wearing pie baking grandma, (don’t get me wrong I love to cook ) but there is so much more to me.

JT Robinson

I was born and raised in NYC where I was surrounded by Fashion.

Today I am living in a rural town in Ma. I still have a love of designer fashion,

but have a realistic approach to what living in the suburban landscape tolerates!

I have an eclectic style I love current and vintage fashion, and have to admit I get a big rush finding a big designer name brand item in a thrift store for cheap money!  I LOVE BARGINS, sales, clearance COUPONS in hand… I AM THERE!

And of course I am searching for that much desired wrinkle eraser! I enjoy interesting antique and retro items, and love to find a place for them to work in my home, even if I have to paint or repair it to fit in my décor. I love nature, animals, flowers, and veggie gardens, Love to cook, entertain, and a great tasting cocktail!

I Love my granddaughter KHLOE, who is the LOVE of my LIFE,

it is true a grandchild is the greatest LOVE!

My Blog is about Fashion, Health, Beauty Food, and LIFESTYLE!

ABOUT JT Robinson

and yes I do have a good sense of humor!

This blog is a chat for women over 50, what we like,

what we wear, what we do, what we think!

Sharing our thoughts on this blog,

and making new friends!

I welcome your thoughts,

Let’s Be FRIENDS!                                    jt robinson wehotflash.com

I hope WE

inspire each other!

wehotflash.com by JT Robinson



my contact email is wehotflash@comcast.net feel free to email with any comments and questions.