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white top with jeans a great look

denim jeans with a white top a great look!

a white top with denim jeans a great look!women over 50

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Summer is coming to an end and soon fall will be here!

wehotflash women over 50 and fabulous

With cooler weather approaching, We need to start wearing our jeans again.   Denim jeans always looks great with a white top!

There is something about the bright white against the dark blue denim I never get tired of! I loved the look when I was a teenager, and in my 50’s I am not ready to give up the look! Oh of course our jean styles have changed quite a bit, but the white top  is a STAPLE! Whether a white tee shirt or a white shirt blouse the look is great! I always feel comfortable and never dated!

You start with the white top and jeans then build your outfit from there.

Add some bangle bracelets, ballet flats, and a cute handbag!a white top with denim jeans a great look

You are good to go! It’s simple! Looks Great!

a white top with denim jeans a great look
a white top with denim jeans a great look

this white top looks great with the jeans

You can add a sweater of any color and  you have a cute look                                    

ARE you over 50?

Do you still wear denim jeans?

Do you love to wear

a white top with your jeans?

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